Meal Plan - How To Do It Right

Meal Plan – How To Do It Right

Why Eating Healthy May Not Be The Answer:

There are numerous gurus and dieting coaches that would love to give you advice. Sometimes the person claiming to be an expert literally has no experience but, they can talk a good game. Talking isn’t going to get you results. What is healthy to one person may not be so healthy for you. Here you are going to learn how body type, activity level, and meal plan concepts are tailored to each individual. These are your basic essentials for meal plan – how to do it right!


Body Type

There are 3 different body types that you can learn more about at best body type. This will cover the basics of what they are. Ectomorphs are the skinny people and hard gainers who have a difficult time gaining weight and building muscle. Mesomorphs are the naturally gifted people who can build muscle and lose weight with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Endomorphs are people who struggle to lose weight and might need to work a little extra to achieve their goals.

Most people would have you believe that once you identify as a certain body type, you’re stuck! Years of working with clients and experiencing many different physical transformations has proven this to be false. There are some extreme cases where people can’t seem to transform their bodies into what they want. You will always have this variable. Fortunately for most people who are willingly to put in the effort, anything is possible.


Activity Level

Activity level is a very important concept to consider. For example, and ectomorph who is very active will need to consume a lot more calories than a endomorph who sits at a desk all day. These are your two extreme polar opposites. Everyone else will fall somewhere in the middle and be able to adjust calories and lifestyle accordingly. To give you an idea of how many calories you need to consume on a daily basis, visit here. This will support you with an overview of the nutrient breakdown to meet your goals.


Meal Plan

There are two very popular schools of thought when designing your own meal plan. You can either count your macros or you can weigh your food. What’s the difference? Counting macros is a basic level understanding that you need the right amount of carbs, fats and proteins to reach your goal. Weighing your food eliminates counting calories and supports you in developing a relationship between food, appearance and performance. You begin to understand the micro and macro principles of dieting.

Counting calories is very beginner level, and weighing your food is a bit more advanced. People who weigh their food typically follow a program or use a coach of some kind to start. Very soon you will become efficient and have a deeper understanding of what works for you. It also helps to eliminate some of the stress associated with dieting. For more information visit best body nutrition.


What To Do Next

You have two options to choose from moving forward. Continue looking through the site to learn more about creating your own meal plan, or join the monthly membership and have all of the information at your fingertips. You can start right now when you visit here.

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