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How To Discover Your Body Type and Lose Weight

There are three different body types identified for the purpose of gaining or losing body mass. If you want to start a diet or exercise program, you will benefit from learning how to discover your body type. The three categories are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. We will talk about each one, how to identify which one you are, and the traditional best practices for weight loss and muscle gain. To learn about the nutritional formula that supports different body types, visit meal plan – hormone optimization.

The 3 Body Types

This is how to discover your body type and lose weight. You will fall into one of three different categories when you first start. The ectomorph is the first body type, and it’s usually the naturally skinny person who struggles to gain weight. They may carry less muscle mass and don’t put on fat easily. A fast metabolism and genetic make-up can make it more difficult to build lean muscle if nutritional needs aren’t met consistently. Even though it can be hard for them to gain weight, fat gain is still possible if the person eats a poor diet which can result in skinny fat.

The mesomorph body type is usually recognized as the more athletic person who can build lean muscle easier than most. Although building muscle comes easier, fat gain is more likely to occur if this person has poor nutritional habits. Many athletes are mesomorphs and work very hard for their desired level of fitness and overall physique. As a result, many mesomorphs look naturally muscular and athletic.

Endomorphs are the body type that tends to store fat more easily than the other body types. They can be very muscular, but it may be covered by a higher level of body fat. Eating a healthy and clean diet is very important for this body type in order to keep body fat low. Regular exercise will be very supportive for this person because they have greater risk for being overweight.

How Body Type Affects Weight Loss

Understanding body types is a beginners approach to categorize people based on how their body responds to food and exercise. It’s widely believed that the body type you begin with is the body type you maintain your whole life. Science has proven that you can be a combination of body types and may change over a lifetime. To learn how proper nutrition can support your goals, visit diets don’t work – this does to learn more!

It’s important to know that age, activity level, hormones, nutrition, stress, personal beliefs, proper training and life style all attribute to your overall physique. I have personally seen very heavy people transform into skinny people and maintain a thin look. I have also see very skinny people morph into very large people and maintain that lifestyle.

Lifestyle and stress are two very important factors I have experienced with many clients.  If you are consistently healthy and not overly stressed, your results should be very positive. You put yourself in a great position to make an amazing transformation that can last a life time. If you start out and think you are endomorphic, but then develop good eating habits and exercise on a regular basis, you can completely transform and become more mesomorphic.

Your Body Type Can Change

You may not know what your real potential is because you haven’t been taught or guided along that path. Once you are empowered, understand different aspects of overall health and commit to making a change, the results are amazing! Identifying your body type is very supportive in the beginning, but it doesn’t have to be permanent like most people believe.

I used to think I was an ectomorph and couldn’t gain any muscle. Once I had the proper training, nutrition and educated myself on the topic over many years, I made a complete transformation. Since then, I’ve supported hundreds more in doing the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you want to go from fat to skinny or skinny to muscular. You have the power to transform no matter where you begin.

Your habits and rituals are a strong indication of how well your body will respond to nutrition and exercise. With the proper guidance, goal setting and support, you can change for the better. Once You discover your body type and lose weight the right way, you should be able to maintain your progress for a long time to come. Remember that best body nutrition is going to be your secret weapon. One of the absolute best ways to reboot your metabolism is to try the Best Body Keto+ diet. This is a good solution to rebuilding a damaged metabolism and unlocking your body’s full potential.