Meal Plan - Hormone Optimization

Meal Plan – Hormone Optimization

What Are Hormones?

Have you ever gotten to the point where no matter what you tried, dieting and exercise quit working for you? You swore you did everything right but still couldn’t get the results you were looking for? The reason may be due to meal plan – hormone optimization. Hormone optimization has to do with your insulin, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid and growth hormone levels.

The thought of hormones can be confusing and a little scary if you don’t know what each one does in your body. Everything mentioned here relates to the natural make up and function of your body chemistry. Think of hormones as important messengers and gateway keepers. They allow your body to perform and function at its best, or they can greatly reduce your overall performance.


Body Type

There are 3 different body types you can learn more about at best body type. This will cover the basics of what they are. Ectomorphs are the skinny people and hard gainers who have a difficult time gaining weight and building muscle. Mesomorphs are the naturally gifted people who can build muscle and lose weight with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Endomorphs are people who struggle to lose weight and might need to work a little extra to achieve their goals.

Most people would have you believe that once you identify as a certain body type, you’re stuck! Years of working with clients and experiencing many different physical transformations has proven this to be false. There are some extreme cases where people can’t seem to transform their bodies into what they want. You will always have this variable. Fortunately for most people who are willingly to put in the effort, anything is possible.


Food Is Key

The food you put in your body can help or hurt your hormones. Meat and poultry loaded with antibiotics and hormones can disrupt your body’s own production of hormones. So can pesticides and other chemicals in the environment. You may not be able to fully escape hormone disruption, which is why you should be aware of hormone levels in your body.
The best way to check your levels is through a blood test. You can go to your family doctor or a clinic that specializes in hormone optimization. Many people will try to solve their imbalances naturally through food and meal planning. Supplements are also very supportive to help give you an edge.


Eat This Not That

In order to maximize your potential, you should focus on eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Healthy fats will support testosterone. Vitamins like zinc, selenium and boron have also been shown to be supportive. You can learn about our entire protocol here.
Avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol, especially beer will be supportive. Cutting out refined sugars, hydrogenated oils and highly processed foods will also make a big difference. Instead of grabbing food on the go, try to think ahead and plan accordingly. It may take a few extra minutes one evening but, it will save you time the next day and provide you with exponential health benefits long term!


What To Do Next

Take an inventory of what you are eating. If it is a lot of processed foods or contains a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, try to avoid it. Look for alternatives that still taste good but, won’t clog your body with harmful toxins and chemicals. Drink as much water as you can to naturally flush out what your body doesn’t need.

You can keep trying to do the right thing on your own or, you can implement a plan that will support you in getting back on track. The results will come much easier and quicker when you know exactly what to do and not to do. Try this and see how much better you’ll look and feel in a short period of time.

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