Hormone Optimization - Growth Hormone

Hormone Optimization – Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is a natural hormone in the human body. Some believe the higher level of growth hormone you have, the younger and healthier you can be. While that is not entirely true, there are many benefits of this amazing hormone. This discussion will be a brief overview about the benefits of optimizing natural growth hormone levels in your body.

How you fuel your body is going to have a big impact on the levels of growth hormone you will experience in your body. This hormone is responsible for fat loss, lean muscle composition, appetite, skin and joint health, healthy sleeping patterns, energy levels, libido, cognitive function and so much more. Proper nutrition and hydration can greatly enhance these benefits so you can experience a happy and more fulfilling life.

To naturally optimize growth hormone levels, you may want to start your day with a fast. This means that instead of eating something the moment you roll out of bed, you instead hydrate your body with water. Drinking some coffee and/or tea might be supportive as well. If you are a tea drinker, consider drinking a type of detox tea that can be sold at any health food store. Follow that up with plenty of water to maximize health benefits.

Growth hormone levels are going to most likely be the highest in the mornings because your body has had a chance to fast through the evening. 12 hours of fasting would be a great starting point if this idea is new to you. As soon as you eat something, your body will produce an insulin spike which causes growth hormone levels to drop. Since growth hormone is anabolic, meaning it burns body fat and builds lean muscle, you’ll want to take advantage of the higher levels as long as you can. 

Some people may fast for periods of 24-48 hours, which can start to get rather intense or even dangerous for someone who is inexperienced. It’s important to know that insulin and growth hormone work in unison with your body depending on how and when you eat. Hormones do work together to create a type of balance in your body. For more information on insulin, visit here. 

There is much to learn about hormones, natural hormone optimization and long-term health. Safety should be the utmost concern at all times. Be sure to contact your family physician or trusted specialist before you start any new type of health program. Hopefully this has alerted you to the importance of nutrition, exercise and planning ahead to get the most out your own health and fitness. 

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