Hormone Optimization - Insulin

Hormone Optimization – Insulin

Insulin is a very important hormone responsible for the regulation of blood sugar in your body. The most common issue regarding insulin deficiencies is diabetes. This is a disease in the body where blood sugar is uncontrolled, either pushing limits very high or very low. Depending on the type of diabetes, treatments will vary.

The purpose of this information is to shine light on a more subtle issue regarding insulin and your body. You may not realize that what you eat has an impact on your blood sugar levels. It doesn’t matter if you eat straight sugar or a lean piece of protein. Your insulin level is going to be affected.

Food is anabolic, meaning it produces chemical reactions in the body to increase lean muscle mass and burn body fat. This should be looked at as a good thing. The devil’s advocate is food can also be catabolic, which means it can cause metabolic and muscle breakdown. This should be looked at as a bad thing.

Metabolic damage loosely describes your body’s inability to properly digest and use calories. You have receptors in your blood that communicate to your pancreas how much insulin needs to be released when you eat. If you constantly eat a large carb load or a high sugar load, overtime the receptors can get burned out. That basically means you become inefficient a utilizing carbs and calorie, which could lead to ill health and body fat accumulation.

If you do suffer from some form of insulin deficiency or metabolic damage, you want to take action to fix the problem as soon as possible. There are multiple ways to approach this issue you can read about here. The quick fix is to stop eating meals with high amounts of carbs, and focus more on healthy fats and lean proteins. Check out best body keto for the full meal plan and workout program!

One pro tip you can implement right now to get results is this – skip carbs for the first meal of the day. Eat only healthy fats and lean protein. Then for the rest of the day eat carbs that are lower on the glycemic index. This will get you on a fast track to taking back control of your health and blood sugar. *Please be advised, if you have any type of medical condition, you should talk to and see your family doctor or practitioner to get properly diagnosed.

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