Train Like A Pro - Chest

Train Like A Pro – Chest

There are numerous ways you can train your chest but, the best way to train chest is to focus on what most will never see. What does that mean? It means that to fully maximize your chest development or make your chest stronger, you’ll need to think differently about how you execute each movement. 

For example, think about doing a bench press. Most people have a goal of loading the bar with as much weight as possible and pressing it at least one time. This idea of a one rep max is great if you’re a power lifter and practice good form. However, most people aren’t power lifter’s, and they may not have the best form.

Instead of focusing on the weight, you should focus on the execution of the exercise. For example, replace the barbell with a piece of PVC pipe. This might sound silly but, now you need to place your hands just outside the width of your shoulders as if you were going to press the pipe. Before you bench press the PVC pipe, you need to squeeze your hands inward toward the center of your chest without sliding your hands on the pipe. If you are doing this right, you should see a slight bow in the middle of the pipe. Your hands should be where you originally placed them.

The idea is to activate muscle fibers you don’t normally activate. The emphasis should be focused on your chest, not your hands. You might feel awkward at first but, this will cause your whole chest to pump up with blood in way you haven’t experienced before. When you get this method right, that’s when you can try pressing the pipe. Even without any weight, you should feel your chest filling with blood and your muscles should be fully activated. 

After some practice, feel free to try this with a barbell by itself, or loaded with weight. You might want to consider using a smith machine or hammer strength. Something that will support you with stability would be very supportive when you first attempt this method. You might find that over time, this works better for you than trying to press as much free weight as possible. 

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