The Truth About Fitness and Why You Are Stuck

The Truth About Fitness and Why You Are Stuck

Don’t Do This – Three Ways To Ruin Results

A large part of the health and fitness industry will tell you to sell you. This means that the information you are taking as truth is not fully reliable. How can you tell if someone is guiding you or lying to you? The honest answer is that you can’t. The only way to know is to do the research yourself. Find out for yourself by practicing in your own life how to do the things that get you the best results. 

To better illustrate the point to be made, think about when they said the world was flat. People used to think that they would sail off the edge of the earth if they went too far. When someone opposed this idea and said the world was round, he himself was violently opposed. The new claim stated that you could sail around the world without falling off the edge. The only way to prove this was to actually do it.


Truth Changes Everyday

The best quote on the subject is, “Yesterday’s truth is today’s bull sh#t. Even yesterday’s liberating insight is today’s jail of stale explanation.” ~ Brad Blanton. This leads to many people twisting meanings and forming their own opinions of truth and falsehood. The only way to protect yourself is to figure it out for yourself. For example, the Keto diet might work wonders for your best friend but, it may not do a darn thing for you. In fact, your results might worsen instead of improve. It’s your friends truth vs. your own reality!

The best thing you can do for yourself is question everything you hear. Even if you think it’s true, try to prove or disprove it. You obviously won’t have the time to do this with everything in your life but, pick what is most important to you and focus on that. You get to choose your own path without having to rely on what people tell you. If you are motivated enough to learn what’s best for you, keep going. If not, you get to rely on the news, media, people or anyone with a mouth or motive to voice their opinion.


How To Find Your Trusted Source

Actions speak louder than words. A talking head can say all of the right things but, the proof is in the pudding. From a fitness standpoint, does the person you are listening to have good results? Do you feel like you can trust them? Have they proven their results time and again? Do you know how much life experience they really have with the subject?

Anyone can be a good sales person and market themselves as “successful” without actually doing anything substantial. You can read reviews but, even those can be fake. It might be a hired friend who says his or her results were the best they ever had. It could also be an angry customer who never attempted to follow direction, and is mad they spent money on learning instead of buying more beer. The con artists out there are counting on confusing you!


Your Plan to Live The Truth

Motives will tell you a lot about a person. If you can discover a person’s heart, you will know more than you ever need to know about truth and honor. This can be a difficult thing to do or it could be a simple thing to do. Moving forward make sure there is a policy in place to give back. This could mean you get a money back guarantee, you don’t have to commit to any long term contracts unless you want to, and the person or group doing the teaching is easy to understand.

You shouldn’t have to decipher through multiple levels of confusion to get a result. Some topics might be more complicated than others but, real truth should speak to you and not just at you. Trust yourself to make the right decision. There will be more fakers than makers in your life time. Good questions will support you in navigating the best outcome.

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