Stay Healthy - What To Do When You're Sick

Stay Healthy – What To Do When You’re Sick

Dealing with illness is never fun. It’s hard to go about your regular day when you don’t feel like yourself. There are some things you can do to support yourself in these situations. People often wonder what they should do when they are sick. Here are five things you can do right now if you aren’t feeling 100 percent.

Five things to do when you’re sick:

  1. Oil of oregano – oil of oregano has been proven through the years to be a powerful natural immune booster. Some of the oregano oil benefits are fighting bacterial infections, fungal infections, reducing inflammation, providing antioxidants and it even fights small intestine bacteria overgrowth. It’s a very strong smelling and tasting oil, so please be mindful.
  2. Supplement with zinc – There are many forms of zinc on the market. Most are relatively cheap. Zinc picolinate is one of the highest quality forms of zinc. Taken at the first thought of an illness, zinc supports the body by preventing the illness from multiplying and accelerating. In other words, you won’t be as sick and hopefully recover much faster.
  3. Stay hydrated – drinking water is one of the simplest things to do when you are sick. It’s also one of the most difficult things to be consistent with. No one likes to get up and pee every hour on the hour but, this is a great way to cleanse your system and make sure your immune system is working up to par.
  4. Supplement with vitamin D3 – D3 is important to the body for many reasons. It’s a strong immune supporter, it helps with digestion and it has anti-inflammatory effects. Since most people don’t spend enough time in the sun, supplementation with vitamin D3 is important. Especially around cold and flu season when the weather shifts and people aren’t outdoors as much.
  5. Exercise – this is going to sound counter intuitive. Most people lay at home on the couch instead of going to the gym when they’re sick. The idea is to exercise on a regular basis before you get sick, thereby increasing the efficiency of your digestive system and immune system. For more on this topic, visit here. There are also countless reports of exercise enthusiasts who agree that sweating it out is a real thing. So much so that some people will sit in the sauna with the intention of sweating out the bug.

You want to practice good hygiene all the time but, especially when you don’t feel well. Things like going to the gym and sauna in a public place when you’re sick might offend people. If you can do it privately, that would be better.

Sweating is a great form of detoxification, which you can learn more about here. Whichever way you choose to handle your illness is up to you. Hopefully this gives you a different perspective to consider the next time you feel like you might be coming down with something. Try it and see what happens. Fe sharpens iron!

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