Stay Healthy - Detox Your Body

Stay Healthy – Detox Your Body

Learning how to detox your body is a great way to stay healthy. Unfortunately, it’s a topic that might be misunderstood by many. Detoxification isn’t something you can buy in a pill or drink form alone. The best way to stay healthy – detox your body is to include it as part of your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean taking pills and potions every day of your life

Healthy detoxification happens in your body naturally. There are many simple things you can do to support and enhance this process. This article will discuss five things you can do right now to support your body and help cleanse it of impurities.

Five ways to detox your body:

  1. Sweating it out – using the sauna is a great way to detox. Sweating allows for your body to cleanse itself in a way that pills and potions cannot. There is no substitute for sweating. The best way to sweat is to put yourself in the type of environment that will cause you to sweat and do it. It’s as simple as that.
  2. Eating or drinking more greens – green drinks and vegetables are king when it comes to naturally cleansing your body. They are choc full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that all support your body in removing waste products. Green drinks have made it very easy and less time consuming to detoxify your body. You also get and added bonus of controlling your body’s blood sugar levels. To learn more about how blood sugar affects your body, visit here.
  3. Drinking fresh squeezed lemon water – lemon water has a cleansing and alkalizing effect on your body. Alkalizing your body with greens and lemon water combined is a great two step system anyone can do. Lemon water tastes refreshing and is easily added to just about anything. To learn more about how lemon water can support your body, visit here.
  4. Avoid hydrogenated oils – hydrogenated oils are terrible for your body. Go look at your peanut butter right now. Does it contain hydrogenated oils? This substance is hidden and buried in so many processed foods. You have to be careful to make sure it’s not hiding in your food. Hydrogenated oils are a major hormone disruptor and nervous system disruptor. To learn more about why you should avoid this like the plague, go here to learn about hormone optimization.
  5. Red clay – most people think detoxification has to happen from the inside out but, red clay can be used to detoxify your skin. It actually binds to impurities and literally pulls them out. You can use it on your face and body. Red clay has also been proven to help reduce the issue of dry skin, leaving you with a more healthy and vibrant glow.

There are many more examples of how you can detox your body. The FitEnomics membership area is full of cleansing and detoxifying ideas that have been proven to be very supportive after years of use and application. You can learn more about that here. Give these five things a try and see how you look and feel. Fe sharpens iron!

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