Fitenomics: Your Health is Money


Your overall quality of life is equal to your personal level of health and fitness. Many times the key element is overlooked and considered irrelevant. Your career, business relationships, personal relationships, attitude and outlook are all products of your personal level of fitness. Fitenomics aims to combine motivation with purpose to excite a new level of awareness. When you develop yourself from the inside out, it becomes clear that success can overlap into many different areas of your life. Becoming accountable for your health will open the door to new opportunities and take you from where you are right now, to where you really want to be. You will see increase in your business, you will experience increase in your relationships and you will come to understand your unlimited potential to turn your dreams into reality. The information and examples in this book have been collected over a decade of trial and error. They are a tried and true representation of what you can expect if you apply yourself today. This is real advice for practical results. You do not need to worry about misinformation and fluff that surrounds many so-called fitness gurus. The principles discussed in this book were written to put you on a path to success!