Meal Plan - Options

Meal Plan – Options

The fitness industry is very good at overwhelming you with options. Instead of confusing you with the “only right way to do it”, this will be a short summary of proven options to get you quick results. It’s simple, easy to follow and eliminates confusion.


Keto – Best Body Keto

The keto diet gained a lot of popularity with help from a few select doctors and celebrity trainers. It is very effective as a short-term option if you are healthy. Healthy means no kidney, thyroid or other known medical illnesses. You should always consult with a trained medical professional before you start any new diet or program.

Keto uses fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Carbs get a very bad reputation even though they are not the problem most of the time. More on that later. When you follow a keto meal plan for at least 2 weeks, you can make significant drops in body weight. In order to make sure you’re burning fat and not wasting muscle, make sure you’re fueling your body with what it needs. You also want to make sure you have some type of exercise plan to follow that will support your muscle tone rather than waste it. For a full description of how this works, visit best body keto.


Best Results Meal Plan – For Him or Her

The best approach to healthy eating is to incorporate a little bit of everything. The hardest part about dieting is dieting. Many people think you have to cut out everything that tastes good and is enjoyable. There is a time and a place to do corrective dieting. If you’re suffering from a known specific ailment, you should get more specific help.

For most people, eating a healthy combination of fats, carbs and protein will work wonders. To figure out what that number is, you need to do some simple math here. This will support you in figuring out what your starting point should be. You will practice what you learned and make adjustments along the way. For a full description of how this works, visit best body for women or best body for men.


Eat and Train Like an Athlete

For those who have athletic goals and value aesthetics, goal specific meal plans are your best option. The difference in training for athletics is the attention to detail. Healthy eating will make the biggest difference in your over health and performance but, athletes require more detail. Typically, athletes are working towards a goal or very specific result.

You’ll still eat a balance portion of carbs, fats and proteins but, the ratio will depend on the results you’re trying to achieve. Training will also be specific to your individual needs. The best body shredz program is for someone looking to achieve the leanest and most muscular physique possible. The best body mass program is for the person who wants to get as strong and muscular as possible. Either way, these programs will give you detailed information so you can meet your goals and then some.

The best thing you can do for yourself is get clear on the results you want to achieve. As your needs and goals change, you’ll have access to what you need and be able to make the appropriate shift.

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