Meal Plan - Guide

Meal Plan – Guide

Not sure which approach is best for you? That’s ok, you’re not alone. It’s easy to be confused or get mislead. Here are a few ideas to support you in how to pick what’s best for you. This will help get you the most desired result.


Know Your Body Type

You should know how to identify your body type. For a full description visit here. Based on your body type and the rate of your metabolism, you can pick a meal plan that fits according to your needs and activity level.

For example, if your body type is endomorph, and you sit at a computer desk all day, you may need to be careful how many calories consume during the day. A keto based diet might be a good idea to begin with. Then you can slowly start to eat more healthy carbs like vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc. You should most likely stay away from candy, fast food and sodas. This is just a starting point that you can work from as you progress.


Do Your Research

You can never go wrong when you test and try things out for yourself. You may not have the time to test every theory but, you can experiment a little. That means not everything you hear has to be done 100 percent the way you hear it. If it’s proven and the research is good, most likely it’s going to work well. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Stressing over your diet and becoming neurotic about counting calories may not be for you. That doesn’t mean you should continue doing what isn’t working either. You can start simple by eating one healthy meal per day. Build on that and see how you progress. When you start with baby steps, it’s much easier to build up to taking a bigger leap. Keep it simple and don’t stress.


Make Observations

There is much to be said for the person who can watch and learn from others. Get around people who have an interest in you and can help you be better. The company you keep tends to be overlooked sometimes. If the people you hang out with are struggling with things you want to become better at, meet some new people.

You don’t have to say no to the people you call friends but, maybe you can make a new friend who loves what you do. You can try listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading or anything to support yourself with worthwhile information. It doesn’t have to always be an in-person relationship. Online learning and watching others from afar is effective.

This is some basic guidance to get you started if you aren’t sure what you want. The more time you spend with your own thoughts and get clear on your goals, the easier it will be to start to move closer to the person you were meant to be.

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