Meal Plan - Don't Do This

Meal Plan – Don’t Do This

Don’t Do This – Three Ways To Ruin Results

There are three ways to ruin results. If you don’t understand what they are and how they can impact your well-being, you’re doomed to failure. Here you will learn how to identify them and see what options you have to self-correct and get on the right path. Meal plan – don’t do this will empower your results!


Don’t Quit Too Soon

It sounds obvious but needs to be said. Many people will quit just before they start to make solid progress. The grass suddenly becomes greener on the other side and they bail for what seems to be a better opportunity. Choose a path, stay on the path, and don’t quit too soon.

The best way to learn what will work for you is to follow through on a promise you make to yourself. It’s ok to test and search for a good fit but, don’t waste your time switching programs every 2 weeks. There’s always going to be another way to do things. Once you make a decision, trust and believe in yourself to see it through until the end. Those who can’t commit will never achieve the results they want.


Don’t Be Too Strict

You’re probably wondering why someone would even tell you that? Most of the time fitness gurus will tell you, “This is going to suck but, you can’t cheat!” If you never heard that before, don’t worry it’s coming. When you allow yourself to indulge and give in to a craving every once in a while, it can really open up some space for you to make excellent progress. The key is not to overdo what you are mostly trying to avoid. A little bit goes a long way.

Cheat meals done right do support you in fat loss and muscle gain. They support your body’s optimal hormone levels, and they give you a jolt of psychological relief. Whatever you keep thinking about is going to persist until you can control the thought. Sometimes controlling the thought means you have to indulge. Taken in the context of dieting, this little difference can be a game-changer.


Don’t Listen To Average

Your favorite gym buddy who knows all the right answers may not be the best source of information for you. He might tell you he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried but, in all honesty, no one does. The same goes for meal plans and workouts from unsolicited help. If the person giving you advice looks nothing like what you want to look like, don’t listen. Chances are they will screw you up so bad that you never set foot in public again. At that point, you will only have yourself to blame.

Obviously, you want to make some progress and learn the do’s and the don’t but, not from Joe Regular. Instead, you can take a look at the best body program series to decide which is the right path for you. Everything from training, meal plans, food choices, recipes, and professional instruction can be found in your membership. Start today and get on the path to real results that can last a lifetime!

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