Lose Fat - Women

Lose Fat – Women

If you want to get in the best shape possible, that means losing fat in specific areas while building some lean muscle. Many women may be afraid of building muscle mass because they don’t want to get bulky. That’s simply not the case.

The more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism is going to be. Most women don’t typically build bulky muscle. The hormone balance in a woman’s body doesn’t even favor that type of response. To get more of a clear picture, think about the cover of Shape magazine. Most of the models have a good figure but, they aren’t bulky with muscle.

When you’re engaged in chasing your ideal look and body appearance, having an end goal in mind can be supportive. You also want to make sure you’re operating with a proven set of guidelines that are safe and effective.


Here are three prime examples of what women should or shouldn’t do when working on fat loss:

  1. Don’t starve yourself – many women and men think that if they eat less, they will lose weight. In theory this is true. You will most likely lose weight but, it’s the wrong weight. Your body will sacrifice water weight and muscle before it magically melts off fat. To learn more about this topic, visit here.
  2. Don’t fast longer than 12 hours per day – the idea of intermittent fasting and fasting in general has grown very popular over the last decade. There is much evidence that shows women who fast for longer than 12 hours on a regular basis are prone to hormonal imbalances. This can be a nightmare for weight loss and everyday life in general. Take the time to learn more about hormonal imbalance and hormone optimization
  3. Exercise whenever you diet – when you skip the gym and think you’re going to lose wight by diet alone, you set yourself up for a rude awakening. Exercise will support you in firming up your body, increasing your metabolism and increasing fat loss instead of muscle loss. It also supports a healthy appetite so you don’t starve yourself into shameful results.


The idea here is to be healthy for the long term and look good for years to come. Proper diet and exercise are the true secret to a more young, happy and attractive appearance. If you need more guidance on how to do this correctly, visit best body women.

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