Lose Fat - Men

Lose Fat – Men

What if drinking more beer helped you burn calories? This would make quite a few men the poster children for six pack abs instead of beer kegs for belly’s. The reality is beer may not help you lose fat but, the tips on this page are worth more than cost of your biggest bar tab. Keep reading to find out why?

If you want to simply and efficiently maximize your fat loss potential, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to what you eat and drink first thing in the morning. Many guys reach for a bowl of cereal, bagels, donuts or anything loaded with carbs and sugar. If you could hold off on the sugar for just one meal, you can greatly enhance your body’s ability to burn fat instead of storing it.

Insulin sensitivity is a phrase you should become very familiar with. In the morning, your anabolic hormones, IGF-1 and testosterone, are going to be higher than normal. Growth hormone (IGF-1) and testosterone are most responsible for fat loss and muscle gain. You can capitalize on that fact by either fasting for a period of time or choosing the right foods over less quality choices. To learn more in depth about these hormones, visit hormone optimization.

For example, fasting allows growth hormone to either continue to peak or stay elevated. As soon as you eat, insulin will spike and growth hormone will drop. Insulin sensitivity becomes relevant because your body can build a up a sort of tolerance to carbs and elevated blood sugar. In this case tolerance is referring to efficiency. The more carbs you eat throughout the day, the less efficient your body might become causing the excess to be stored as fat.

However, if your first meal is a lean protein and healthy fat, you actually support your body’s insulin resistance and set yourself up for success. If you don’t eat carbs for breakfast, your body will be better able to utilize the carbs you do eat later in the day. Carbs are very important for healthy hormone levels but, they just need to be timed right. The more you do this, the more efficient your body becomes over time.

There’s a lot more to discuss about carbs, hormone optimization and insulin resistance. At least now you have an idea of what they are and how it might directly impact the progress you make on a daily basis. Give this a shot and see how you feel. Everybody is a little different and you might need a few tweaks along the way. If you want more support to help you adjust, visit here. Fe sharpens iron!

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