Hormone Optimization - Estrogen

Hormone Optimization – Estrogen

Estrogen is the dominant female sex hormone. Healthy estrogen levels support heart health, bone density, memory, skin health and many more bodily functions and processes. Men have estrogen too. There are good and bad levels of estrogen found in the body.

In order to optimize healthy estrogen levels, you’ll want to pay attention to xeno estrogens. Xeno estrogens are the toxic estrogens you want to eliminate from your body and keep at a minimum. Things like pesticides, bpa from plastics and other common household chemicals contribute to the levels in your body.

You can try to elimination as a tactic but, at some point you will come into contact with several of these compounds just from the environment alone. So what could you possibly do to cleanse your body of these harmful substances? It’s a good thing you asked.

Drinking plenty of water is one way to flush out your system and support overall health. If you want to target the bad estrogens more specifically, try taking a supplement called DIM. DIM is derived from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. This powerful compound has been proven through scientific research to eliminate negative levels of estrogen from the body. There are a ton of reviews online to support this statement.

If you want more information about optimizing your hormones and estrogen levels, visit here. Hormone optimization is about balance throughout the entire body. It’s good to be aware of specific hormones to optimize but, you should take a healthy approach and educate yourself on the topic. The more you know about cleansing and optimizing your body, the better position you put yourself in to be healthy.

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