Build Muscle - Dense Muscle

Build Muscle – Dense Muscle

You want to build muscle – dense muscle. When people talk about building muscle, many times they might think of professional bodybuilder who has a lot of muscle mass. This might not fit everyone’s ideal criteria but, it’s a common misconception. It’s a misconception because building dense muscle doesn’t mean you will be big and bulky. In fact, you might be very lean instead.

build dense muscleThe type of muscle you build and develop largely depends on your genetics. Even if you did not win the genetic lottery, you can still build lean muscle that looks appealing. For most people, being in shape and able to stay active is a game-changer. To set the context appropriately, your flexibility and strength can be compared to learning math and algebra. It’s a use it or lose it type of situation. If you stop using it, you tend to lose your competitive advantage.

 The good news is muscle has memory. The moment you begin to train and eat right, you can begin to build back what you thought you lost. If you didn’t have much muscle mass to begin with, you can build more. Dense muscle is more appealing than bulky muscle for most people because it looks healthy, and it supports a healthy metabolism. For more information about your metabolism, visit here.

Here are a few tips to guide you in your quest to build or build back your best body and dense muscle mass.



Five Ways to Build Dense Muscle:

  1. Reps and sets – it’s the most straight forward way to build more dense muscle fast! Choose a weight that you can lift 15 plus times. You don’t want to go too heavy because you won’t be able to complete the reps. Do at least 4-5 sets per exercise. Start out slow with a lower weight until you know what your target weight should be. Always practice safety first!
  2. Practice good nutrition – this might sound a bit cliché but, good nutrition is the fuel that drives your success. You don’t need to eat a perfectly clean diet but, you should make healthy choices whenever possible. Food is fuel. The better fuel you put in your body the better you are going to perform. For more on nutrition, visit here.
  3. Develop consistency – the more you do something, the better you’ll get. Building dense muscle takes time. You can’t expect to get results after a few workouts. You can expect to feel better and begin to transform after 30 days. If you can build the habit of exercising, making good food choices and be consistent, you can expect to see and feel a world of difference in your body.
  4. Eat healthy fat – the keto diet has made many people fat focused. Keto has its benefits but, you still need to eat healthy fat. If you just eat a tub of lard, you may not be to happy with the results. Balance some lean protein with healthy fats to get the best results.
  5. Rest pause reps – when you do your exercise, try applying time under tension with rest and pause. For example, if you’re doing bicep curls you can do a full rep and then a half rep and pause. Hold the weight for five seconds and then reset. Repeat this often throughout your workout. This forces you to work harder with a lighter weight. It’s the number of extra reps and time under tension that will support you in building dense muscle mass.

As you can see, building dense muscle isn’t just about the proper exercises. It’s also important to practice good nutrition and healthy eating habits. How much dense muscle you build depends on your body type, genetics and how much time you invest into your training.

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